Keep It Going

It’s in connection with God that we find a place of rest, and when we feel like this journey becomes to hard, and to restless we seem to want to retract from the mission that we are on. When I tell you that I have been in this place many times, and hat you are not alone in this space. But we have to ignite the fire that will lead us to the Jordan River

Dear God,

This morning i pray for the guidance in which only you can plant inside of me to finish what has begun in me, and to the women that will come after me that will needed the very same amount of mercy, and grace that provides forgives, and might for this journey,

The more i unleash in words, tears, and out of my voice the more you make me a conqueror in the this of my past that tries to defy who I growing out of, and become more of the being in which you need me to be in your Kingdom.

Your truths surround me, and your love leads me to a place to keep venturing to my light in you. The darkness can no longer hold me, and my past can no longer control my action for you alone provided a way from e to fuel my past to bring light to the darkness so I’ll keep going, I’ll keepn journeying on to see this to the ends of the earth for in you i live, and in you i have my being.

I pray for your sound protection over my life, and over the lives of the women that seek you for healing, and for guidance. may our truth carry the world in healing while finding the true light which rest upon the alter of heaven.

I pray these things in jesus’ name. Amen.