Keep Praying For Your Marriage

The thought to pray a deeper pray for your marriage should always be a daily thought that comes to your mindset, and you should never allow any distractions to remove this thought to cry out to God to heal. mend, and cover your marriage under the protection of His wings.

The enemy is always on the look out to find a way into your marriage, and this is why it is so important to keep all entry ways closed, and concealed from the enemy getting in. There are many things that you can do in order to keep your marriage protected.

  1. Making sure you and your spouse are not holding any grudges on the inside towards one another, and if you are harboring anything make sure that you, and your spouse are talking it over with love, nad understanding.

  2. Always go to sleep with a clear conscious

  3. Pray for eachother daily, and before you both go to sleep

  4. Provide encouragement to your spouse espcially when that need it the most

  5. Be their hero, or shero above every other person in their life.

  6. Be the source of motivation in their life

  7. Never, and I mean never talk about your spouse negatively to anyone

Being mindful always to call out your spouse name in prayer before God while you are going to war in your prayer time. 


Lets pray

Dear God,

i thank you for another day, and another opportunity to be able to just come, and pray for my husband,. I pray that you cover him in all that he does, and I pray that you break the bonds of the enemies hands off of his life, and that he will freely, and willfully come to you, and surrender his life unto you. God I ask that you make provision, and that everything that is not like you, and that is displeasing in his life that you begin to shut it down, and show him the enemy tricks, and deception on his life.

Father I ask that you hear my plea, and that you will quickly move on my behalf, and that you will also applied this same prayer to marriages that are needing healing in their home, and in their marriage. I pray that you let forgiveness arise in my marriage, and in marriages all over this world.


You are a God that can do anything… But fail so today, and forever I lift, and return, and givem y marriage back to you. Heal it, and mend it back together for the glory of the Kingdom of God.

I pray that you heal every negative word that was spoken out of my mouth against my husband, and every hand that was laid on him by me. I ask that you shift the atmosphere in this situation that I am facing in my marriage.


I vow to always lead as the wife that you have created me to be, and I vow to always respect, love, and Honor this man of God seretse Arunda Black the II that you have placed in my life to guide, and protect me.

In this moment I surrender it all to you Father. May you answer my hearts cry, and intervene on behalf of my marriage for me, and for my husband.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.



Always Pray this scripture over your marriage And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threestrand cord is not quickly broken.ECCLESIASTES 4:12