Making Process While Waiting On His Promise

Making Process While Waiting On His Promise

Today I noticed a lot of things that I failed to do concerning steps needs to make in my home. I want to seek the things that I desired, but what meant most to my heart is what God desired for me to do, and this is where the change came I began to work towards the things that God instructed for me to do, and I had some set backs while learning where to start.

When I start to work on the things that God told me to do I felt ready with my feet planted, and my arms filled with work to begin. I started focusing on areas of my home that needed the most work, and I redefined the presence of my home by redesigning the look based on what my husband mentioned a few months back, and although he is not in the home as of right now. God ushered me to honor the request of my husband.


Respect is a must in my home concerning what the head says (i.e my husband) I have not always honored nor respected his wishes as his wife, and in many ways i deeply regret it all; so now as I am heading into a new season I am not slacking in that area as his wife. I solely committed to the reentry of my marriage, and when God see fit to restore, and replinish the love, joy, and peace in my marriage I will be here for it all.


There were many misconceptions in the wake of this seperation on my end, and there were a lot of tears from the myself, and my husband. With resurfaced attention I am egered to hear what God is saying concerning this  new life between Mr. Black, and myself. All of the praise, and honor I do give to God because He is so faithful, and rightfully is on time in all areas of my life.


What are you mending in your home today?


Let me know by dropping me a testimony in the comment section.