Why did we get married?

It’s been a while since my finger wrote a blog let alone an update to how my life is going, and even as I am sitting here in front of my computer I still do not know how to put everything into it’s place. Back in October aroud the 14th day of  2017 my husband returned home, and one week later we received a call that we needed to pick up his sister two small children or they would be placed in the hands of “CPS” because they were abandoned by their mother. I did not think of how this would effect our lives before I opened up my mouth and turned to my husband saying lets go pick them up. I did not place my marriage in the center of this at all. All i seen were children that needed a stable lace and a warm bed after being left in the cold with total stranger that the mother barely knew.

2017 taught me a whole lot about myself. It showed me that I am stronger that I ever known, and that the value of love is not found in a man, but only found in God. – Jereè Black

Rewinding forward to June when my husband separated his life from mine while we were still residing in the same home together. This left me feeling sick to my stomach, and I was calling out to God like I’d never had before. I did not understand why my marriage was turning out the way it was. I mean really? After almost five year of marriage and endless I love yous I would think that a love so strong could move through any storm that came our way. But the thing was God had to remove my husband out of my way because I was not giving God my total yes, and I had placed my marriage above God. The warning came, about two years before this disaster happened in my marriage and i laughed because I was not ready to be fully obedient to God.

Functioning in disobedience will confuse you into thinking that you re moving in the right direction when your are moving in the field of distraction. – Jereè Black

From the month of June- mid October my got deep into God, and I reflected on the mistakes I made in my walk with God. I even captured moments that took me to a place of crying for hours of being in the presents of God. I never understood until 2017 how fully important is meant to stay close to God in the good time, and as well as the bad time. When I begin to see the hand of God moving in my marriage as my husband would come and spend as much as little time as he desired god was telling me he was working it out for my good. Now let me mention this I have wrote about how my marriage fell apart and you can read it here and here, and I will update you all on part three shortly this year.

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