On & Off The Court Of Prayer

Guest Blog

Written By: Laniece Joseph

Play Your Position

Have you ever sat and watched a NBA play off game? In most cases you’ll find in the beginning of the game, the teams are neck and neck.

One team would score and the next would follow. It always interested me that they would come out playing their hardest and by the time half time comes majority of their momentum would die down. Key players would be out of position causing the other team to score and get ahead. Which eventually costs them the game.

In my marriage and walk with Christ I’ve been experiencing a similar issue. I start off praying, fasting, laying out, seeking his face and reading his word. Many days im eager to get before him. Im looking for the enemy to try and sneak a shot in.

Im on my post expecting him to come my way. Just like the players in the game i grow tired. I become burned out. Here comes inconsistency! Now my walk is slowly declining. Before i know it i let the enemy  in and up ahead. Me being out of position not only causes me to lose but my team (my husband, family & the body of Christ) to lose as well.

Its not enough to recognize the loss. Like the players i must team up with my coach (God) to figure out what caused me to lose. Was it my focus? Did i lose my footing? What did the opposing side (satan and his demons) do better than me? How could i prepare better for the next match?

Father God i thank you for your warnings and correction. I thank you for veils being removed from my eyes. Lord help me to be vigilant and sober . Lord i choose to Put on the full armor of God, so that i can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Father God im so greatful to be on your team ! In you i have victory. Apart from you life offers defeat! Nothing but your goodness got me here. Had it not been for you on my side where would i be? Lord im aware of the enemies desires to sift me as wheat. Keep me rooted and grounded in you.

In Jesus mighty name it is so!

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