Stop Quitting, And Jump Back Into The Journey

The turning point in the journey get tough, and I know at times it can seem like the only option is to just throw both of your hands up, and quit it all. 

But there is a God that still requires works from our hands to do, and we can not afford to fumble the ball just yet because the enemy is waiting on your to eject from the journey, and to break down. This can not be because the more weak you seem you are becoming in the spirital realm you are gaining so much ground in God, and the enemy knows it; so hold on to God’s unchanging hand because He is leading you to your mountain.


There is is something so powerful that needs to come out of you, and for this reason your obedience to God can not be compromised is no such way. The more to yeild to the will of the Lord, and come out of the will of yourself the more you will gain power from on high that you need to journey on, and keep the enemy under your feet.

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you have to understand as well that the very things that you are going through is not for you it is for someone else but what you are going through may feel personal, and it may even seem unfair to the point that you are asking God. Lord why me? I have been there, and all I can tell you that if you will just stop searching for the why, and starting walking in the yes that you have committed unto God you will become more purposeful in this journey that you are on.

You have to become so focused on god that your spirit cries out “God I love you without restriction.” this confirms to God that no matter what you face or how you are feeling in the natural scheme of things that you will continue this journey in the way that He has commanded you to walk it out.

Here is a little snippet of encouragement for you guys! 

If you are going through the most craziest time in your journey, and you need some support from someone that has faced some difficult challenges in many seasons, and know how to rest in the Arms of the savior without allowing the storm to conquer her fear while praying for a nation of woman to hold on to Jesus. Then connect with me by sending me an email