She Freely Gives As The Father Has Given Unto Her

Typically when you think of freely giving of yourself you may think of your time, your money, and or your heart, and while all those things are a factor of giving of yourself it is the ways that one can think of them in a selfish mannerism that can stop the flow of Gods blessings in your life. If you oppose to truly do something out of the kindness of your heart than you are just doing just to show that you can. 

Sometime we all can fall into a selfish state

Being self center can cause a great fall into your life where you can be praying heaven down for the things that you know is a need, and not a desired want, and you are pettioning God, and the more you are praying the more God is looking at your obedience to help others’. 

Are you weighing it out? 

If you are currently weighing out the fact that you want to help someone, but they may have done something in the past or current that you may or may not have fully gotten over than you are compromising who you are as a daughter of the King. We are to forgive daily, and to make a conscious effort to search our hearts daily to make sure it is right inside out. 

Is pride hindering you?

Sometimes there can be hidden pride that gears us to make the most outrageous decision on why we choose to remain in a place where we are not flowing freeing in our giving to others. This is something that has to addressed, and really dealt with in order to move on in your faith, and your contineous walk with Jesus. 

Letting go of fear that hides behind the scenes 

There are times where you might have been misguided by someone that may have or may have not meant to harm you in the smallest to biggest measure, ad you may be guarding your hear, and may be fearful of allowing your spirit to soar freely like God intended your spirit to be. But if you take the proper step to allow God to show you how to live, and give freely of yourself in him I promise you will not regret taking a step forward. 

I pray that you will make the best steps forward to give God yourself freely and do it often as yo pray, and as often as God wakes you up each morning.