Soul Detox

Getting Over That Old Thang!

Last night I had the wildkest dream I was living in the same space as an ex of mind, and my husband cam to visit me. wird right?  Now the stragest thing that happened after this was my sister ...
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Living in The Seat Of Comparison

  The stages of comparison hit my life as a young woman I remembering back then desiring to be a mom so bad, and looking at other women with their children being loving, and attentive ...
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Let’s Talk About Over Eating, And Its Hang Ups

I remember binge eating to my stomach literally wanted to erupt out of my body I was in so much physcial, and emotional pain at the time that I did not care if was sinking into a food coma. I was ...
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Sex has always attached itself to my life from a very young age in fact i talk about it often in my story I always been the type of woman kthat used sex in relationship to ease my mind, and to ...
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Divorcing The Bad Girl

]   i've been up to no good as far back from the age of twelve years old when I started dating guy that was in his twenties I told myself that I could handle it; because my abuser was ...
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I Peeped it, And I Learned To Dismantle The Root

Tonight I experienced something that I have been waiting for God to do in my life, and that is showing me how to see the judas in relationship form. I felt some discomfort in my spirit for the ...
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