Stay In Coonection With The Father

Good morning,

How are things? I know you may be going through the most toughest times in your marriage, and it may seem like you want to walk away crying while wondering why so much pain to go through to get to the happy in your marriage. Girl I totally understand where you are coming from, and there is nothing wrong with how you are feeling but I want to encourage you not to stay in that place.

When the stroms in your marriage come it is not to break you or your marriage is to strengthen, and preserve your strength in God, and this is why we must stay connected to Him at all times. There is a great need that the enemy desires from your marriage, and that is to execute it to its death but God in all his glory willl show up for us in al areas of strength when the war is waging in our marriage.


Your have to learn how to not allow the physical elements of your marriage effect the connection that you have with the Father He cares about you, and what you are facing in your marriage. He wants to battle for you, and He wants you to be victorious in all things in your marriage but you have to learn how to connect with Him on a daily basis to align yourself in His will, and in His might.


In this season of your marriage there is no room for you to be disconnected from the Father in fact you should tripple the time in His present, and just learn to be still, and soak up His love, and His amor. There is nothing more fierce than a woman with God on her side in the bad times so when she faces the good times in all things she is still fighting in the spirit to fight off the tempations of the enemy concerning all things in her life, and in Her marriage.

God always call for His daughters in the midst of the storm; so i want to encourage you to adapt your ears unto the Calling in which God has Chosen , and assigned you to. Take heart in knowing that God is more than able to do far above what we can do on our on; so stay in deep connection with the Father at all times.