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An Open Letter of appreciation to my husband

An Open Letter of appreciation to my husband

You came into my life at a time where i was completely broken bare, and ready to end my life. You and I both knew at the time that we were on two different paths in our lives. I didn’t understand what was going to take place in my life when Khoi enter it, but I know that God sure did He had a divine plan that would focus on the positive, and that would cause healing to take place in my life and as well as yours. I never met anyone with such endurance to see someone else heal. You challenged me in ways that made me want to rip my own heart out, because at time it became overwhelming to face the discomfort of my broken past. For the longest time in my life I tried searching for peace of mind, and I could because I didn’t know how.

You have taught me how to be accountable for my actions, and to deal with my issues head on. You loved me when I felt undeserving of my own self love. You showed me how to be kind towards people, and how to set the tone in my communication. You have structured me as a woman, and you have loved me back to wholeness. How can I ever repay to or given show gratitude of how amazing of. HUSBAND YOU ARE. You never wavered in your love for me, and without you and God by my side I don’t know what or how my life would have turned out. Your loving me has cause me to wake up to my reality, and to deal with the pain that has shattered my ability to share my testimony.

I never felt so secure with anyone else until you came in my life. You sought out all ways to make me face my fears a, and you captivated every beautiful flaw that I had at the time of my transition from brokenness to beautifully repaired by your love and commitment to my being. You have no idea how grateful I am that you love me inspire of my past. Your heart holds no memory of the wrong or of the things that I’ve taken you through, because I was broken and careless. At times I still fell like I am dreaming, but when I wake up next to you I know that it’s only Gods love that allows me to see the light through your undeniable love for me.

You chose me as your wife, and I could never express in words what this means to me. Yore an nice-credible husband, and I thank you for sticking through this journey with me. You are the heart strings of love that I’ve been longing for my whole life. Your love places me on the road to my unknown journey. I truly know that your love is pure towards me, and that the action that you displayed toward me more that 4 years ago are forever singing on my heart.


I desire to hold your words of truth towards me as a light when I am faced with dark days or when I feel like I can’t complete a task in my life’s your voice will always ring in my ears pushing me to my highest potential. I know that with you I can persevere through any challenge that I face in this lifetime. You are my love and my forever. I pray that you except this expression of my deepest gratitude, and know that I will always take heed to your words of wisdom.
Forever yours

Mrs Black.


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