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Are You Apprciating Your Marriage?

Are You Apprciating Your Marriage?

Often times we get used to being comfortable in our marriage, and this causes us to be too relaxed in our everyday routine as a wife. Sometimes we can be demanding, and cause our husbands to feel like a door mate instead of our husband. Why am I speaking on this? Because I know all to well of being this wife. I used to be mean, and demanding to my husband. Nothing that he did was ever good enough when it came to the standard that I set for myself of how I wanted things to be done, and I didn’t hide it either I would yell kick, scream, and whatever I had to just to get my way. Guess what I thought it was cute, and that nothing would ever change because things would always go my way, but something changed within my marriage my husband got tried of me treating him like he was my toy instead of like he was my husband.

Now let me tell you he other side of me being a mean wife in the beginning of my marriage. Although I stated in the first couple of sentences that I treated my husband like he was a tool instead of my husband what I didn’t mention was he didn’t take it he fought back with love, and this still did not help me because I wanted my way, and I was used to getting my way from everyone in my life because this is how they raised me to be a little princess. Justifiably my husband told me that he was going to break that habit because I was way to old of an adult to be throwing a tantrum, and I was angered. But he was right, and yet I still wasn’t trying to receive the change that he was saying that I needed to make in order for me to become a new mature woman instead I took it as my husband wanting to change the fact of me wanting to get my way.

As the day, weeks, and months passed by back in early 2012 I was only still a newly wed, and my marriage was already in the toilet due to my childish behavior I wanted things my way, and really didn’t care to heat anything else. We became distant, and I even told him that I needed my space because I felt like he was trying to change me for the worst. I’d never forget that look in his eyes he looked at me, and said oh no we are not separating, and if you need space I’ll be on the couch and you can chill out in our room. I looked at him, and demanded him to take me to my mothers house, and he spoke up, and said I didn’t not marry you to get separated. He also said that separation lead to divorce because when married couples separate that gives the enemy permission to engulf all of these unnecessary those into your mind with confusion, and so forth after a while of thinking I knew that I’d must be willing to put forth an effort to change because God had really sent me someone that really loved me, and really wanted to see me grow into a loving woman as his wife.

It took a while for my process to show through but I did it because I wanted to change, and I had grown tired of seeing the hurt from me in my husbands eyes. Everything in my healing process was hard because I wasn’t use to change in my life, and I never had anyone that care to tell me about myself. Here’s some advice ladies if you’re husband is giving you sound advice about things that you need to change about yourself in order to be a better you than chances are you need to receive it, and take action by recognizing that first no ones perfect, and changes is scary but in the long run you’ll benefit from it, and can help someone else in the long run with what you’ve over come in your life.

Never turn away advice that your husband has to offer you. Why? Because he loves you, and wants to see you improve in the best way possible, and it’s not just for him but for yourself. Ladies there comes a time in our lives where we have to pick ourselves up, and tighten up our behavior, and digest some real issues about ourselves, and provide ourselves with the luxury of change. No one wants to be known as the diva or the mean wife that treats her husband cruelly. Take time out to pray unto God so that he may reveal to you what step you need to take, and after that you just need to leap into action, and workout those self issues that you need to change in your life.

I know that you can do this, and I’m praying that God will lead, and guid you to a place of surrender where you can accept the ugly truth about your behavior, and go full throttle with acceptance to change your life for the better.
Are You Apprciating Your Marriage?

Leave me a comment below, and let me know if you’re taking the leap for change.


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