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Fighting To Win Your Marriage

Fighting To Win Your Marriage

If you’ve ever been in the fighting battle to win in your marriage, and you have done everything that you possibly could & it seems like things aren’t still working than your have to ask yourself some questions.

1. Have you actually fought for your marriage or have you just simply fought with your husband?

Because there’s a big difference between the two, and you have to make sure that you examine the two, and be mindful when you are thinking about each one. Because you can sometimes have mixed emotions about somethings that you have been facing in your marriage. Typically whe marriages are facing hardship, and when many changes come into place things between a husband, and a wife can get really touching, and this can place a huge strain on your marriage. You can to be really careful not to point the finger when you’re trying to reshape the focus of your marriage into a positive light, and it is very important that you’re honest about whatever role you’ve played in to wreckage of your marriage.

I remember when I went through some hardship in my marriage, and I also remeber not wanting to take owner ship in the part that I’ve played in the condition that my marriage was placed in. I had a lot of bagged when I met my husband, but I conciled it by hiding it because I did not want him to know that part of me in fear that he would not love me for the flaws that my life has come to be apart of. I never dealt with the battles that life had thrown my way, and I thought that I was good at masking everything, because I use to self medicate with marijuana, and this was the only thing that would help me fade out all of the darkness that I had been in for all those years of my life. I never thought that I was worthy of love, and I never knew that anyone would care enough to sit me down, and tell me that I needed to change my behavior until the day that God sent me my husband I mean he showed me more tough love, and I thank him for that. Ladies you have to allow yourself to be completely honest with yourself first, and with your husband. Nothing is going to work in your marriage until you start to be honest with your husband.

So the question of the night is are you doing everything that you can to genuinely fight for your marriage?

Have you prayed, and asked God what to do?

Have you accepted you foughts in how your marriage is in this current moment?

What are you willing to do to make your marriage whole again?

If you’re will to move forward, and you need more help please read the following article may it bless your spirit while encouraging you to be a better wife in the long run.

XO Jeree’


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