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No Matter What Comes I’m Standing In The Gap For My Husband

No Matter What Comes I’m Standing In The Gap For My Husband

Yesterday was the first day in a long while i cried because I had to admit to not only to myself but say it out loud to God that I miss my husband. 

There has been times in this season where I have had melt down after melt down behnd my husband walking out on me for the second time in our marriage. He just decided he had enough of being married, and I was not receiving what he was saying because I knew this was not in God’s plan for us.


There is a longing to listen to the sound of what is pleasing to God that He desires for me to do for Him in my life, and with the things that he commands me to be obedient to. My marriage is not just for me, but God has made it to be in a fulfillment of His purpose, and there were something that has taken place, and there is many things that i need to forgive of my husband. 

Standing in the gap doesn ot mean that the tears will not fall, and that i will not collapse in the arms of Jesus. I simply am so emotionally tired of these tears, and so drained from holdoing them back I literally just had a crying party the different times within the last hour but I give all glory to God who holds the promises of my marriage in His hands.


What  God requires of me is not based on the conditions of how I feel in the natural, but God is leading me by His spirit in all things, and He will not allow me to just slip in , and out of disobedience in anything. God is calling for a resolve in my marriage, and He is drawing my husband by His spirit, and while He is doing the drawing I shall stand in awe of His mighty works that he will work through my marriage.

My prayer of action

Dear God,

i am standing firm to your promises that you have granted my marriage. father show me how to remain firm in my stance in you. Allow me to remain rooted , and grounded in your holy will, and no matter what it looks like never let me crumble in opposition in what I am facing in this season. I love you for taking me through these trails to build me up in the things that you are anointing my marriage to minister to the hearts of other marriages. It is in your name i do pray these things, and ask that the blood of Jesus flows through this prayer. I pray these things in Jesus name. Amen.

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