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Opening The Door Way Too Your Husnad’s Heart

Opening The Door Way Too Your Husnad’s Heart

What I have learned over the years as a wife is to learnn how to be kind in areas where i want to disturb my husbands peace in the flesh because of an agrument or some petty nature of the female mind that needs to reign in the victory where God is not no where being glorified.

This is how I use to think, and I use to say mean things that in over a course of time ruined that heart of my husband I tore down his manHood, and disrespected him to no end. I was a horrible person at the time, and I knew that I needed healing but I did not care to give the time to it in order for my breakthrough to come.

I would soak in the things that i let consume my heart, and without warning I would spill it over into the heart of my husband, and this created a huge gap in our marriage for a lng period of time, and it destroyed me as a wife for a long period of time I worked on trying to repair the heart of my husband’s heart, but it was closed from all the years of damaged that I had caused it, and It would not open for me,

i had to really do someone soul searching ,and really get before God to ask Him to heal me, and lead my husbad’s eart back to a repaired heart, and to be healed from all the things that i had poured into it. see the thing about healing is you have to admit the ugly thinngs in marriage is I had to admit the role that i played without blaiming my husband for my actions.

[bctt tweet=”The thoughts that I think towards my husband are pure, and not of deceit. I will use my words to build him up, and not to tear him down. i speak Love, and truth towards him for all the days of my life. I vow to rebuild trust, love, communication, and friendship with our marriage. Titus 2:1″ username=”@mendthevow”]

If you are currently facing this error in your marriage , and you are doing things that are causing your husband’s heart to turn from you. It’s time that you take the appropriate steps in fall on your knees, and start praying to God to first forgive you of the things that you have done to bring discord to your marriage, and also hurt to your husband’s heart. And this will be the time where you have to get out of God’s way in order for Him to do what you can not do, and this is to speak directly to the heart of your husband.

Dear God,

I thank you for a will to come to a heart of repentence for the things that I know that caused my husbad’s heart to hurt. i pray that you will lead his heart to forgiveness towards me, and that you will begain to repair the trust, love, and friendship between my husband, and I. I ask that you allow peace to reign in our home, and in our hearts. Father I pray that there will not be any unresolved residue lingering around tring to align itself back within our marriage.I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!

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