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Uncoding The Women In Your Life

Uncoding The Women In Your Life

Un-coding the women in your life. What is the true value of the women in your life and what does it hold? Know who’s around you and what their motivates are. Be intentional, and use strong determent. Many people bear false fruit, and just want to be associated with you to steal what you have, but don’t know how you suffered for what God has blessed you with. They can’t fill your shoes even if they attempted to. Watch the company you keep, because satan will use a Delilah to attach itself yes I said it, because the Delilah is a spirit not a woman the spirit that will if allowed will wrap itself and take over your marriage. Stay prayed up and beware of who you allow your home and around your husband God drop that in my spirit and I just want to put it out there.

The Intentional women: this woman uses what she know in order to gain what she desires. This is the woman that you may have confided in about whats going on in the home, and this is the woman that will give you misleading advice to pursue your husband, and make you out to look like your laying around all day talking trash about you husband, and yet she may fill his head up with lies she doesn’t desire to steal him from you she just wants him to know that your running your mouth about things that no one should know about but you and your husband. But her intent is still over powering, and while he may be upset with you she going to try to give you advise on how to move on if you’re so unhappy with whats going on at home, because she wants a taste of your husband they call it a one night. You’ve been foolish enough to tell her how your husband makes love to you, and you are literally throwing your husband out there like he’s a meal to be devoured.

Once she sinks her claws in him she’s done, but he’s still feining to have more of her, because you’ve open your mouth to what you thought was your friend. He’ll start comparing how you should be more like her, and that she smells, and dresses better than you do. All the while when you should have prayed about the things that were going on behind closed doors so that God Himself could have stepped in, and worked it out for you, but you opened your mouth to one of satan’s minions, and now your husband has is eyes hook on temporary temptation.

How did you get yourself in this mess? you opened you mouth up, and started speaking about the private affairs between you and your husband to what you thought was someone that you could trust.

Beware of the Intentional women that you have in your life.

The Selfless Woman: This woman will put what she has planned aside just to see you happy, but what is she gaining from putting her plans on the back burner just to see you shine? She is departing good seeds within you, and she selflessly want to see you happy with gain of nothing in return. She cares for your well being, and she knows that when she unselfishly pours into others than God will see to it that her needs are met. If you have a woman like this in you life you should cherish her, and never take advantage of the kind selfless things that she does for you.

Be Good to the selfless women that God has created in you life for they are jewels that God has placed in your life for a purpose.

The Jealous Woman: This woman is by far the kind of woman that you want to keep a close eye on. She could be your prayer partner or she could even be your sister or mother. This woman is always there when you receive good news, and she is always finding ways to compare her happiness to yours. This woman in secret can’t stand you, and doesn’t wish the best for you. She may be secretly praying for your down fall, and you won’t even see things clearly enough until it becomes to late. This woman is the type that may start things in secret at your place of work, because you may be great at whatever you do, but she will try her best to place you in a bad light with your boss.

Be on the look out for this woman who doesn’t wish you well, and keep a tight wrap on your personal goals so that you won’t let it get to the wrong set of ears that mat spitefully cause you mayhem in your life.

The Woman That Wants Your Life: This woman loves everything about your life just not you in it. She dreams of ways to get rid of you so that she can be happily ever after with your husband. She knows your secrets, and she’s your best friend. She knows all of the hurtful things that you’ve ever gone through, and she is willing to expose them, because she knows that you have hidden shame underneath the beauty that you have on the outside. She knows that you’re to broken, and ashamed to tell your husband, so she starts mentioning certain things that your husband doesn’t know about while your not around. She starts painting a picture of the whorish things you once did in your teens or maybe in your college days. She is at the brink of becoming the new you in your husband’s heart, mind, and bed all because you’ve been too fearful to allow your husband to know the deepest parts of you.

This woman is deadly, and if you allow her to get close enough to you than you’re letting herget close to your husband.

Be aware of this deadly woman whom cannot find her own happiness, so she diminishes your character, your ability to shed light on your hurtful past to your husband.

It’s time that you expose the deepest parts of you to your husband, so that he can know your pain, fears, and he’ll know why you may cringe at certain things. God can heal the broken pieces that are hidden away in you

Un-coding the women in your life is very important. Why? Because you have to be willing to address everyone’s motive when it comes to you, your husband, and the reason that they are in your life. Most importantly you have to seek God, and ask Him did he send these women into your life.



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