Worrying While Waiting

Lately I have been impatiently waiting on God to do what He has promised in a lot of areas in my life, but I have also been worrying at the same time thinking too hard of when it will happen, and to be honest if it is going to happen.

For the most part it seems as though on most days I am strong, and on other days I am the weakest link. I am growing very tired in being indifferent while I am waiting I know that I have to trust God totally to bring it all together without worrying in the process of things.


Nothing is more uncomfortable to me in not knowing when something is going to come to a hault but in these situation I know that God is able to do it all in His time; so I have to decide right now that I will not worry while God is working things out for my good.

Have you ever been there?

Here are some positive things that you can do to stop worrying while God is working things out in your favor!

  1. Pray against self doubt.
  2. Rejoyce in the midst of adversity.
  3. Know that God is always able to keep you
  4. Make a stand to recover all things that the enemy has stollen from you
  5. Discover your happiness while god is fighting on your behalf

The fact that knowing that God has your best interest at heart is more than enough to remain joyous in the waiting department. God knows what your are waiting for, and in this time of being shaped, and molded into what He is calling me to become fully in Him I know I have to remain patient, humble, and in prayer against all things that tries to attack me, and the mission that God has me waiting towards.