The Wait

The waiting process is somethng that is not designed for the faint heart


In this season where are you finding the fruits of waiting on God? How are you seeing your longing, and your desire measuring up to your faith?

Sometimes you can desire something, and in this moment of desiring it are you waiting on God’s plan to gather the things together to bring what you desire for God to change to make good on your behalf in your marriage.


Waiting on the promises of God for your marriage is not something that can be rushed or that can be hurried in a two day s of fasting. No waiting on the promises of God requires strength to the point where your space of prayer is solely dependent on your faith for God to see the waiting period come to full bloom.

At this current moment I am waiting deeply, and patiently on God to move in a mighty way in my marriage. I am hopeful to the point of my obedient cannot be broken, and my praise has to be solely dedicated to prasing God for the outcome like it is already done.


When I think aboutthe times that I’d take my marriage for granted in this moment it makes me regret everytime I did not pray daily for God’s rest to be over my marriage. Now I must wait for God to heal, and to restore the things that I took for granted in my marriage.


Can you relate to not being able to lay under your husband because his desire of being next to you is not there anymore or if his deisre is there he rather not even be around because so much damage has been done to him by you that he lossed all hope in you, and in the marriage.


So you might e wondering what do you do with all the alone time that you have now that you barely see your husband. Well! I pray, cry, read my word, and pray, nd cry some more to God. I also stand on the prmises of God for my marriage to become whole, and to experience the love of God in this time of waiting.

Here is some advice for the marriages out there that are going through the hardest times in their marriage. Do not look at what it looks like in the natural this will dig a patch in your heart that hurts so deep. The only solution is to hold fast to the promise of God for your marriage, You have to have unshakable faith to stand in the hard times in your marriage.


My husband asked me today how do you do this? Meaning being home unoccupied with anything but my Gospel music, and being in prayer is how I told him is how I am getting through all of this.