Turning To God And Denying Our Own Will

There are a lot of hidden things that lie down on the inside of the temple that is not clean, and that needs to be cleansed and loosed from within you. God often extends more grace to us in order for us to get things right, and also for us to follow up in our obedience to Him.

Throw caution  to the wind or laying it on the alter?

Sometimes it is easy just to say I am not going to deal with this things I am just going to let time do whatever it is going to do in order to show me what is going to take place. Have you ever felt like this?

Truth moment: I work Sunday’s and I be tired to the point where I don’t feel like doing anything much less going to church. But when I begin to think about sleep and lack of energy I begin to think about my relationship with God and just desiring to be at His feet I let go of what I want to do and yield to His will. Here’s the thing if you want a deeper foundation planted in the heart of God you have to give something and let go of your will and rely on God’s will for your life. He’s not concerned about what you have & what you don’t have He’s just looking for a willing vessel that won’t compromise.

Also this:

I say this with love & not in judgement…. but we gotta do better folks. Here’s the thing about God if He’s called you into something He’s going to provide a way for all that you need. So here’s what I need you to stop doing stop pimping God’s people and covering it up with God called you into full time ministry. Didn’t He say your gifts will make room for you?

PSA: This doesn’t pertain to everyone but if it’s you say ouch and do better by waiting on God while planting seeds for your harvest to grow.

Stop dumbing down the vision God has given you just because people around you have no eyes to see what God has shown you

And this before we pray!

Don’t y’all be out here treating God like a 9-5 and when the storm comes you’re expecting to be covered like He’s your emergency insurance protection.


Dear God,

This morning I am thankful for you love, grace, and all of the mercy that you continue to show me each day even when i feel unworthy of it. I asked that you cleansed me from all that is not like you, and that daily i will choose the will that you have for my life, and release my own will daily. I ask that you do the same for everyone that you will give them a clear understand on what it means to pick up your will for their lives daily. Push us in the direction in where we ought to go, and let us not waver in any other way. keep our feet planted in you, and comfort our hearts when we are in transition in the season where we need to hear from you the most. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.