Unfulfilled Purpose

Have you ever abandon a dream or denied something that God has told you to do, and you did not move on it because you were to fearful that it would not work out for you the way you have invisioned it inside of your mind?

if you have given up hope on your purpose then you are walking in unfulfilled purpose, and it is like your half whole s a person. I know that I use to feel this way in the past I would here God encouraging me to step out more on faith, and do certain things but because of my unbelief i fumbled the ball, and I did not hold fast to the things that I knew God has purpose for me to do.


Here are a few steps to recover your unfulfilled purpose to align the vision back to the purpose that God has for your life.

  1. Establish a better relationship with God than you may currently have to deepen the passion of your purpose, also to gain spiritual insight on moving forward, and picking up the motivation that only God can give through encouragement, through visions, and dreams.
  2. Repent for walking in disobedience
  3. Ask God to send like minded people to help carry out the vision that He has set before you.

Following the steps above will really get you back on track to refueling the passion, and purpose that God has created for your life.

Let’s pray


Dear God,

Forgive us for fumbling the ball on our unfulfilled purposes that you have given us. Release the vision again over our purpose, and as we are declaring all things to work together on our behalf we know that you can do all things to lead us to you ddivine connections that we need to move forward in all thigns concerning this fulfillment in our lives. Give us the passion to see these things through.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.