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So what is the quality of your life and your Marriage?

Are you surviving ? Or just pushing past the obsticles of this tragedy?

This is for YOU if you want to start creating open, honest, and meaningful paths of new direction in your life without having to live from day to day feeling life this pain of your past is lurking behind you.

In this 5-week self study course, we will work on your healing mindset and learn the most powerful tools and skill sets (seriously, the best of the best) for you to create more trust, safety, and understanding in your relationships.

BECAUSE THE Topic Of Being A Sexual Assualt Survivor is Sensitive The Tone Of This Course Will Be Also.

 What We’re Covering:


  • Identify where you are, and where you want to be when it comes to Sexually Trusting with your Husband.

  • Identify old limiting beliefs that hold you back from  effectively being sexually free in your marriage.

  • Set the foundation for your training + your success by creating new empowering beliefs to support you in the next four weeks!


  • Learn the importance of empowering questions, so that you and your Husband  can come up with quality answers for a safe calming path in your time of being intimate

  • Learn why some questions shut down the line of negative communication and limit solution-focused answers


  • Learn the formula on how to manage your buttons when you feel triggered in your marriage

  • Learn the difference between communicating around the story versus the energy

  • Start building awareness and getting clear on what your buttons actually are!

  • Learn how to control your emotional triggers, so that you can develop more meaningful and effective conversations.


  • Learn the two most powerful skill sets that make your Husband

  •  feel heard and understood

  • Start to build trust in your Marriage be creating a safe space

  • for yourself to share what’s really going on

  • Learn how to acknowledge and validate without

  • being afraid of being judgement


  • Discover the three types of listening in Marriage

  • Learn how to listen more intuitively so that you can hear what your Husband is not saying

  • Create a plan on how to shift your level of listening to one that serves you and your Husband best

 What’s Included?


  • Pre-recorded audio and visual video guides for each communication skill set

  • Downloadable PDFs of the modules

  • Downloadable audio-only of the module


5 Weeks to Create More Meaningful Conversations + Connection in Your Marriage

Once you learn how to take off the limits with being intimate with your husband you will gain a sense of freedom as a woman who has victory in healing from sexual assault.

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