What Do You When You Want To Become A Blogger?

What Do  You When You Want To Become A Blogger?

I get a ton of question from people asking me how long have I been blogging, and How long did it take me to fine my niche as a blogger. At first I did not know How to begin to answe the question above because I was so new to this thing called blogging. I figured I would place everything thing that I love to write, about, and pack it in this things called the blog, but how, and where would I begin is what I thought secretely to myself?

Here are some check points to think about before you start your blog!


  1. Keying in on a domain that will reflect you is key to your personal brand / blog.

  2. igniting the different topics in which you will discuss on your blog is key.

  3. Providing your readers with a strong tone in your writing is not a fun a you may think it is; so be mindful to always introduce new fun, and hip styles in your form of writing to your audience so that you will not get the burn out, and possibly make your reader loose interest in your blog

  4. There is a strong presence that a professional blog an bring to the eyes, and with this being mentioned it is so important to brand the colors of your blog in order to stand out from the rest of the millions of blogs that are already up published, and running on this big place we call the internet.

  5. Be very careful that you are not minmicking another blogger platform, because this is seriously frowned uon in the blogging community. It is always best to have originality as a blogger instead of being labeled as a copycat.

  6. Allow your community of reades to get to know you from a personal stand point, and do not water down who you are just to fit in the mold of being the new fun blogger on the block. The more authenic you are as a person, and writer the more trusting your community of readers will be with you, and will respect your craft as a writer as you come into your own.


Sometimes things tend to get sticky as a new blogger! 


i remember like it was yesterday not knowing how to setup my theme for my blog, or knowing which plugins to use to fit the needs of my new blog. I was all ove the place, and I remember being so frustrated, because I did not kknow how to use WordPress back in 2007.

I remember trying to reslove issue after issue in order to get my blog up, nd running. The one thing that kept me motivating to keep the process going was I wanted this space to put my thoughts online so that I would be able to build a communty that would be relatable to my life, and my going talent as a Web & Graphic Designer  


I needed to implement different elements of my craft in order to gain ground in the field that I am so passionate about, but I knew so little about this new platiforms that were already out, and booming in the field of the blogging world.

i knew that there had to be a better, and easier way!


After 2 months of banging my head against the scripts of the wordpress platiform, I decided that I would do an indepth search of how to form a theme for wordpress, and or how to make an already made theme work for my personal brand, and for the blog that i was creating. There was so much hassel that came with wanting to setup a blog,


and then gaining momentum to also turn my blog into a personal brand, and life style blog. The moment i started digging deeper into researching the highs, and lows of how to properly use WordPress     I knew that once I buckled down my mind, and learned the different concepts of what wordpress could do to enhance the vision that I had for my brand/ blog it was going to be worth every video watched, and ever articles that I was about to read.


Here’s what I learned after blogging for more than 10 years.


  • i’ve changed my domain about 3 different times
  • I’ve changed my writing style to fit the thing I really love talking about.
  • I’ve designed, and re-branded more times than I want to admit
  • I’ve also lost interest, and shut project down all together because my motivation was not there at that time.
  • I’ve encoutner sucess in many milestone in my tie of blogging, and I’ve also takes some losses as a writer, because I could not keep up with the demands that I placed on myself.
  • I’ve developed my own style, and now I love what my blog serves to my community.

Here’s some formative advices for the new bloggers! 


Do not rush the process when it comes to brain storming the things that you need in order to birthed out the vision for your blog. There are many things that need your attention, and your blog is one of them. you want to make sure you set the stage in a professional way so thati in time you can add value to your brand in, and around your blog.