What Is The King Writing about You?

Today were are going to discuss What God is saying, and writing about us! 

Today’s devotion is based on Daniel 5:5

we all get curious as to what god is writing in the book, snd or books about us. It’s really all up to how we are living our lives in the best way that God Himself has ordained it to be. Now sometimes there are lines that are not meant to go across for our protection, and sometimes we get the need to want to know what on the other side of those lines. 

Troubled waters are for our protection

When we ask God to take way certain things in our lifek we completerly give that situation over to God, and we no longer are suppose to have a worry about what God is going to do about that problem. But unfortunately sometimes we go back; because we feel like we need it back in our lives. But some doors God shuts all the way for our protection. 

Consider what has already been written about you

Looking over your life, and how you have lived it…. Would you be pleased of what God is writing about your life? Now take a further look at what you might need to change in your life. 

1. Are you willing to change how you are living? 

2. Are you ready to live your life for Jesus?

3. Are you ready to be set apart from the world, and be made over?

How are you moving forward from this moment?

What do you plan to do in order for God to re-write your story? you have to be willing to lay all of your burdens out on the line, and allow God to deal with your hurting heart. There are somethings that we can not do on our own, and we need God’s help in order to get through the good, and bad times in our lives. 

The trails, and error are only going to strengthen you for the journey ahead

There is no such thing as an easy road to serving God, and while there will be test, trails, and tribulations we can know one thing that is true for certain in a time of trouble God will never leave us nor forsake us. He will always be there for us. 

I pray that today’s devotion has inspired you to change, and to turn to God, and to allow him to carry you through this thing we call life.