When Your Faith Is Shaken

Are you feeling like everything that you are going through is causing you to question why you have faith in the first pace when things are not shifting fast enough?

I remeber feeling this way like why be hopeful when things all around me are not going the way I need them to go. God says in His word that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Right? well He means just that!


The reason your faith make be shaken is because you may be distracted by a measure of other things that are happening around you, and you might not be focus enough to concern yourself with my your faith isn’t moving in the path as your desire it to be.

How is your prayer life? 

How is your relationship with God? 

When it the last time you fasted things out? 


The things we desire God to move on should reflect the amount of faith we have to believe that God can, and He will but only in His timing. The one thing that we have to remember is God is not some magical genie that we can  wish to appear, and grant us wishes.

We have to know that God is moving on our behalf the way He sees fit in doing so. never forget that God is in cotrol of everything, and He will never leave you in a place that will destroy you but will only make you stronger for the fight to win the battle.


So the next time you find that your faith is being tested get on your kness, and pray a little longer, a little harder, and a little wiser.