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    Why I write


    Why I Write
    I write to empower women to unpack their baggage & sort threw their painful past. I know how it is to be beat down, and I know how it feels to have been unloved in life, but I also know how it feels to be loved & also in love, and I know my worth as a woman, and as a wife.

    I know the different challenges that one faces as a woman, but I also know that it’s not easy digging yourself out of that dark hole. This is i why I write my past on a blank wall weekly to push women past their fears, and most importantly getting them to dig down in the inward parts of themselves to be able to unmask their heart before God & become identified in Him.

    This blog is much of what I have, and continue to unearth in the ongoing journey of me getting to know myself and me allowing God to use my past for His purpose. The content is from my past and my present struggles that I face as a woman. My hope is that if you are a woman with unhealed wounds, you can come here, and learn to heal from your painful past.

    Hi, my name is Jereè and I grew up craving the tangible love and affirmation of my biological dad. As a child of divorced parents, I know the damaging impact growing up without a father can have on a girl and a woman. I wrote this blog for you (and me) to be a source of encouragement, healing, and practical wisdom for women that desire to forgive, heal, and grow daily as women in their relationship with God, themselves, and in personal relationships in their lives.

    Who My Blog Can Help

    Whether you grew up in a home with parents that have been not so present in your life, and whether you’ve faced hardships in life, and also if you lack the Self love that you desire look no further. If you’ve experienced abuse, abandonment, emotional absence, divorce, incarceration, or you simply never knew how to get over your painful past THERE IS HOPE! God can fill the void within your soul
    What I Blog About

    Getting over your past
    Getting to know yourself as a woman
    Being in love with yourself
    Sacred Hope For The Childless Woman
    Fatherless Daughters
    Daddy Wounds
    Setting Boundaries in My Life
    Practical Ways to Enjoy genuine friendships
    Embracing WomanHood
    Emotional Health
    For The Single Woman
    Living Unmask Before God
    My Weekly Life
    My Daily Reflection
    Surviving Rape
    Emotional Wounds
    Biblical Principles
    Inspirational/ Life Lessons
    What You Must Know About Me

    Hi! I’m

    Jereè’ Black & I’ve been through the trails, the tribulations, and some terrifying nights that should’ve taken me out. But God had his hand on my life & now I wholeheartedly trust God to lead & guide my life. Here’s a little bit of my struggles in my walk with God and as I was so unclear of where I stood with God. I was entering a backsliding condition that sent my life upside down.

    My life was a total disaster and I knew that the only thing that could bring me out of this was committing my life fully back to God. Throughout my life I struggled with failed relationships and broken promises,but today at the age of 34 I am happy married since August-1-2012 to Seretse Black. Join me as I share my testimony with you of Brokenness to how I experienced my breakthrough.

    My pledge to all women that I come in contact with is I will always keep it real, raw and deal with relevant women issues and help inspire you to heal from your past. I will push you past any Excuses and transcend you right into ACTION.

    My belief is “Life Is About Growing As A Woman” so I have surely not only made changes in my own life so I can lead by example but I also give you weekly insight to my past by sharing how I defeated my fears & overcame my dark past. I’m Blessed to be able to give sisterly love as I support other women during their time of healing from their painful past.

    It’s hard Baring the deepest parts of yourself is very hard, but is so worth it in the end. Join me on my journey in forgiveness & leading womens back to the heart of God.

    When I was Unplugged from the world is how I always felt, because I was in trouble within my own being. I never knew how to discuss the abuse that had taken place, and all I wanted to do was hide myself in my misery; so I shut off my feelings to the world.

    I never thought I could get closure of my dark past. I always sought within myself the questions of why me? Why did I have to be the one to carry out this burden to the world to share and help heal the hearts of other women when no one ever took the time to heal my broken heart. Until one day it all begin to make sense. God spoke to me, and commanded me to share my story of all that I had gone through. I am a woman who has

    I’ve overcome:

    Survived Rape

    Survived Childhood Molestation

    Survived Living In A Broken Home

    Survived Domestic Violence is a platform where Jeree’ will keep it real, raw and deal with relevant women issues and help inspire you to heal from your past. She will push you past any Excuses and transcend you right into ACTION. Jeree’ belief is “Life Is About Growing Daily As A Woman” so Jeree’ not only made changes in her own life so she would lead by example but she also gives you weekly insight to her past by sharing how she defeated her fears of her dark past.

    Jeree’ is a humble spirit and gives sisterly love as she supports women during their time of healing from their past.

    Journey with me as I share my story with women so that through my testimony others can be set free. To learn more about me you can read My Story

    How You Can Connect With Me

    If you would like to connect with me you can send me a Message or find Jeree Black on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google Plus, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat I will do my best to respond quickly!

    Jeree’s mission is to teach women how to Break Down The Walls
    they have build up within themselves from past relationships & how to live a purposeful life.

    Change your mindset and you’ll see things more clearly in your life like you never have before.

    Jeree Black has a desire to make a difference to the the people that are willing to make a difference with themselves by offering her dedication, ethics, experience, and insight. Her diverse history of leadership is an advantage to her clients. Her clients will receive the advantages of her knowledge and skills in counseling , communication, how to management your life

    ,Life marketing decisions, organization, research. She knows first hand what it takes to be a professional and she is familiar with the latest techniques and counseling and communication concepts.

    Jeree’s mission is to teach women how to Break Down The Walls they have build up within themselves from past relationships of abuse and filter their minds with love and strength within their selves. So they can begin to live a life they love.

    Jeree teaches powerful yet practical strategies for overcoming mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational dramas…creating space to increase self-confidence. Her real attitude, positive outlook, and authenticity have caught the attention and hearts of women from all walks of life.

    Mending the vow isn’t an easy task. It’s pressure, it’s finding the grit to find the grace in each area of your life to forgive, to heal, and to grow daily.

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