Why The Refusal?

Let me ask you a serious questions Wives! 

How often do you care to care about your spouse?

Has caring for your husband become more of a chore rather than an act of love?

Are you struggling to come to grips with not showing up the way you use to in the beginning of your marriage?

Now here is another serious questions Wives!

What are you willing to do to get back into your position as a wife?

Sometimeks in marriage it is hard to admit that we have fallen into a routine when serving our husbands we get annoyed, and wish they would just get things done for themselves. I mean how many times has he asked you to hand him something within arms reach of him or how many times has he asked you to make him something to eat, and the fridge is just feet away, and he is more than able to make him whatever his heart desires. right girl?

Here’s the breakdown I use to be exactly in this mind frame, not willing to cater to my husband because other things in our marriage weren’t fixed, and it irriated me o no end to do anything for him with care of wanting to do it.

But let me drop some nuggets of wisdom for the wives that may be stuck in this frame of mind.

You are only hndering your marriage if your are not serving your husbands needs without purpose. you are opening up gates for the enemy to entice your husband with outside options dont believe me fine. But i will tell you that it happened to me, because I intentionally stop loving to please the needs of my husband which opened a door to have another woman come in, and do the things that he desired me to do.

Word of advice!

Do what is necessary to keep all door closed where the enemy is concerned. If you are mad with your husband burn it off in the bedroom, and calmly discusswhatever you are upset with him about in a loving way. Do not, and I repeat do not go to bed with discord in your heart towards your husband.

Lets pray

Dear God,

There is a burning of entanglement that is emerging within our marriages, and we know that we cannot fight ths alone. There are also somethings that we have done said, and meant in anger towards our husband that cut to the core. father we ask that you send healing where our words hurt our husbands, and we ask you to teach us how to use wisdom in our communication with our husbands. I pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.